Is language a border?
It can be, it cannot be.

In an experiment a small group of people who do not speak Estonian (most of them are German speakers) were asked to interpret /describe the Estonian word ‘vägivald’. This Estonian word was chosen mainly because of its meaning and its similar sound as compared to the German word ‘Gewalt’. Nobody in this group of people came up with an association to the word ‘violence’ (Gewalt). This illustration visualizes the description of the word ‘vägivald’ by using all the words what people were guessing the meaning to be. Sometimes non-understanding can create a more interesting meaning and at the end the outcome can be totally opposite of the real meaning.


Gebärmutter / Gemüsewald / Kindergarten / Knäckebrot / Laubbaum / tanzende Bäume / Vagina / Eitelkeit (Vanidad, ES) / Vegetarierwald / Vegetarierwaldweg / vegetarische Natur / vegetarischer Wald / Wald / Waldlichtung / weggeradelt / Zwergenwald




Graz / Austria / 2011