…everyday streets are telling you some story…and sometimes this story can be funny, sometimes weird, sometimes absurd, sometimes nonsensical or sometimes-like in my story- all of this together.


All sentences that are used in this work are composed of already existing words. Proportions, shapes, size and viewing angle are all important in their own way. They are kept the way they are looking in the moment when visiting the street. They make up a funny and somehow nonsensical, absurd text… allowing you to feel the movements. Some additional illustrations visualise and characterise this text, its meaning or its location.
The sound of the streets during the nights is being recorded and used as the background sound for the installation.
It’s a book (installation)about the dialogue with the street.




Book Installation / Exhibition
DAE / Eindhoven / The Netherlands / 2008
Universalmuseum Joanneum / Graz / Austria / 2009